InlightLED Technology

INLIGHT takes its role as LED LINEAR LIGHTING MEASTRO and keeps working on that goal

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Company Info

INLIGHT Ltd, born with passion for delivering unprecedented lighting luminaires, is a spark enlightening your vision for fantacies and possibilities.

Equipped with excellent design as well as elaborate manufacturing, sincere marketing and interactive services, INLIGHT takes its role as LED LINEAR LIGHTING MEASTRO and keeps working on that goal.

We serve a range of industries and applications including commercial, industrial, institutional and residential luminaires giving an unparalleled freedom to your creative desires.

Lighting Solutions

Welcome to InlightLED Technology Company! We are premier LED lighting solutions supplier, specialist on linear lighting applications, offering lighting parts from quality aluminum led extrusions profiles, flexible strip lights with ETL,UL listed and high quality accessories, and serviing customers through North America, European and some of the Middle-East Countries.

No matter where you are from, you are all our valuable customers and we do best to deliver brilliant quality and best deals for what you pay.

How We Do

At InlightLED Technology Company, our mission is to be one of the leading alternative solutions for supplying a wide range of quality lighting fixtures. Our goal is to be the easiest comppany in the industry to do business by offering powerful solutions on supply chain and award winning friendly service.

Our team have more than 8 years experience on sourcing, moudling, design, packing, quality control, international logistic, warehousing e.t.c.. We are sure the tailored service could satisfy your needs.Our business lighting supply and electronics sourcing are toally built for you!